Month: September 2014

Conspiracy Theorists Response to Facebook Post About Conspiracy Theories

I explicitly used the word “correlation”..

1st- There is no true way to do a study of that magnitude to prove “causation” without significant bias, which is why you won’t find research on it.

2nd- When people do speak out, they have their licenses stripped, their lives threatened and then they are humiliated and forced to retract their statements. What would be your motivation? Do you think a “peer reviewed journal” doesn’t have internal bias, and who exactly would put millions on the line to support a study like this? Look at how much backlash 1 simple post can cause- imagine the magnitude of profits these companies would lose!

I think it’s ingenuous for some to think that we live in a world where the government actually listens and cares about it’s people, or the idea that higher populations do not = higher energy which doesn’t =more heat which DEFINITELY WILL NOT HAVE some type of affect on the chemical balance of the earth.. ( – * 1000% sarcastic *-)

You do what you can with what you are given, so for those who don’t accept what is told to them just because, it’s possible to find supporting and opposing information on several controversial topics and piece it together to formulate your own truth. That doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy, it’s just the way the world works.

Money talks PERIOD.

Your point about PHARM companies fighting to cure and prevent really isn’t logical- $5,000 for a cancer curing pill or hundreds of thousands on a lifetime of pills, chemo & treatments, which one will generate more profit?  Oxy/Roxy anyone? –>the new heroin?

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that some of you would also say that GMO’s are good for our children!!? That the GMO FRENCH RAT STUDY- was also a fraud? It’s that other article that was forced to be “retracted”, so does that make it invalid? He must have been lying too or could it be possible that BILLIONS of dollars silence people?

What about the obesity epidemic?

and thank GOD for those millions of $$ in subsidies the USDA (who runs that again?) gives BIG AGRI-business (MONSANTO) to make those GMO’s & nutritious processed foods, instead of those shady (soon-to-be out of business)- family farmers who grow those disgustingly healthy natural fruits and vegetables!!?